Tschudi Ship Management Welcomes New Ropax Vessel MS ISABELLE to its Fleet

Ropax MS ISABELLE moored alongside at Paljassaare Harbour.

We are thrilled to announce that on 1st July 2023, Tschudi Ship Management (TSM) proudly added a new ropax vessel to its esteemed fleet of managed vessels. Let's extend a warm welcome to the beautiful lady, MS ISABELLE!

MS ISABELLE at Paljassaare Harbour

This exciting addition was made possible through the business transaction between Tallink Group (Tallink) and Bridgemans Services Group (BSG) where Tallink graciously bareboat chartered MV ISABELLE to BSG for an extended period, with the option for a buy-out. Vessel chartering is a staple in Tallink's business strategy, complementing its regular passenger and cargo services, generating additional revenue and optimizing fleet utilization.

Bridgemans Services Group is renowned for its fully integrated solutions in floating workforce accommodation, catering and hotel services, and marine and engineering services, with a strong focus on the offshore industry and its unique needs. Our cooperation with Bridgemans Services Group dates back to 2016, when MV Bluefort entered our management. Our partnership has thrived ever since, and based on our longstanding and fruitful relationship, we were entrusted with the technical and crew management of MS ISABELLE.

Currently, MS ISABELLE is undergoing an extensive refurbishment at Paljassaare Harbour, executed by the experienced Estonian company SRC Group. SRC Group specializes in marine and offshore refit and engineering, delivering top-quality interior refits for ships of all types and sizes. After completing the necessary works and maintenance, MS ISABELLE will set sail for Canada, where it will commence its service as an accommodation vessel.

The acquisition of MS ISABELLE harmoniously aligns with Tschudi Ship Management AS's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional offshore support services. Moreover. the collaboration with the local port, refitter, and technical and crew management provider showcases Estonia's competence and capability in delivering versatile maritime services.


The addition of MS ISABELLE to our fleet not only strengthens our commitment to providing top-notch maritime services but also exemplifies the success that arises from fruitful partnerships in the industry. As we eagerly await MS ISABELLE's journey to serve as an accommodation vessel in Canada, we extend our gratitude to Tallink Group, Bridgemans Services Group, and SRC Group for their valuable contributions to ushering this venture to a great start and hopefully – resounding success. As bright, for MS ISABELLE, as the sky seen behind the vessel's Captain, Arno Kask.

Captain Arno Kask onboard MS ISABELLE

We shall keep you up to date regarding progress either here or at Tschudi Ship Management’s Instagram.

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