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We are small, but mighty. Having owned a diversified fleet and now managing one, with some bad apples experienced along the way, we are well equipped to detect a flaw in a bud and help you nip it to avoid a costly claim in the future.

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Better safe than sorry

There are times when you as a ship owner, a bank, an insurance company etc. might need one of the following regarding an asset in your hands:

  • Technical ship inspection
  • Pre-purchase ship Inspection
  • Pre-charter ship inspection
  • Dry docking and pre-docking inspection
  • Major repairs attendance and coordination
  • On-hire and off-hire surveys
  • Vessel take-over inspections and support
  • Ship security assessments and ship security plans

or any other kind vessel- or asset inspection in order to establish the status for further decision-making. We are ready to provide the comprehensive service package, including, but not limited to:

  • full technical inspection of the vessel and detailed inspection report with photos
  • expert evaluation of deficiencies and recommended corrective measures
  • estimated budget

According to your preferences the inspection can include the entire vessel or can be limited to a specific part.

The service can be complemented with other services, as Supervision and Consultancy.

As the fleets of our clients are in a constant state of development and growth, providing vessel inspections is one of our core services and is carried out by our Fleet Manager.

Having had a diversified fleet over the decades of service has equipped us with a keen eye on potential shortfalls or costly hidden flaws and the most effective remedial actions.

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Let's discuss how your business can benefit from our extensive experience.

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Competitive tailored ship- and project management solutions

All the services we provide are with Owner's approach and to all vessel segments, worldwide.
We are fully certified and correspond to all required industry standards.

Added value

We offer a range of services that can be requested either as part of a ship management package or as a standalone services.

Our focus on the environment

We act as a responsible corporate citizen, living our values in relation to the businesses, societies and environments where we operate. We try to leave no footprint and if we do, to make sure it's a positive one.

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