Tschudi Ship Management AS is proud to have provided the first EAGLE passengers


Text and images: courtesy of EAGLE-ACCESS B.V.

From 12th of April until 3rd of May 2021 EAGLE-ACCESS B.V. conducted sea trials of their revolutionary new offshore access system. Tschudi Ship Management (TSM) assisted with sourcing and chartering of a suitable vessel and operational assistance where needed. The Vroon Offshore operated vessel “VOS Star” was selected as installation platform for the sea trials. Being a medium sized offshore support vessel, the combination of this vessel with the EAGLE-ACCESS system was an ideal combination for gathering operational data and proving the system capability on a modest vessel.

As no trial passengers could be guaranteed by other participants, TSM provided 2 offshore wind technicians through sister company Tschudi Personnel Services (TPS) from their pool of offshore personnel. Therewith our 2 colleagues became the first 2 offshore passengers of the EAGLE-ACCESS B.V. offshore access system.

A Tschudi Ship Management AS technician hooking up cargo. Photo: Eagle Access BV

During the sea trials, after thoroughly testing the access system, a large number of personnel and equipment transfers were conducted between the vessel and a wind turbine. On their return both technicians stated that this was the best system they ever used for offshore transfers and the system was described as fast and very comfortable. Also the ease of handling cargo/tools/equipment was praised.

Personnel transfer by EAGLE

The EAGLE-ACCESS sea trials were made possible in close cooperation with OWA & its partners and after an enthusiastic receipt by our offshore wind technicians we wish EAGLE-ACCESS B.V. a same enthusiastic receipt throughout the industry.

TSM likes to thank EAGLE-ACCESS B.V. for their trust in us and our offshore wind personnel, and Vroon Offshore B.V. for the excellent cooperation during the charter of their vessel VOS Star.

And if this raised your interest in our offshore wind technicians or any other services provided by the Tschudi Group, feel free to contact us any time for further information.

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