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If you need a certified and able crew for your vessel or project, we can help you.
We can work magic finding the specialist workforce, even in a very short time span, without cutting corners, so you would not have to.

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Crew management of vessels/units

includes the following:

  • Competence management according to industry's and Owners' needs
  • Recruitment and selection of high standard crew mainly from the Baltics, Ukraine, the Philippines and Holland
  • Extensive portfolio of our own Tschudi seafarers, with a tight network of partners enabling additions. International headhunt, if needed
  • Adhering to local content regulations, if required
  • CBA negotiations

All rankings to all vessels or units

We are able to provide optimal crew specific to the project or vessel, temporary or permanent. All tested, true and waterproof.


  • Training, travel arrangements and payroll administration
  • Claims handling, if agreed with the Owner
  • Online crew database accessible by Owners, if required
  • Arranging crew insurances, if required.

In short, we shall manage the following:

  1. Recruitment: We shall arrange for the recruitment of crew members, including advertising open positions, screening candidates, and managing the selection process.
  2. Training: We can provide training to crew members to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties safely and effectively.
  3. Performance management: We shall monitor the performance of crew members and provide both our own and the owners' feedback to help the crew members improve their performance.
  4. Compensation and benefits: We can negotiate and manage crew compensation and benefits on your behalf, helping to attract and retain high-quality crew members.
  5. Compliance: We can help you to comply with regulatory requirements related to crew management, including labor and immigration laws.

The above is a list of many steps we can take on your behalf for you to focus on your core business instead.

We master all latitudes and attitudes.

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Let's discuss how your business can benefit from our extensive shipping experience.

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Competitive tailored ship- and project management solutions

All the services we provide are with Owner's approach and to all vessel segments.
We are fully certified and correspond to all required industry standards.

Added value

We offer a range of services that can be requested either as part of a ship management package or as a standalone services.

Our focus on the environment

We act as a responsible corporate citizen, living our values in relation to the businesses, societies and environments where we operate. We try to leave no footprint and if we do, to make sure it's a positive one.

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