Reactivations and Conversions for Oceanica Netherlands B.V.: A Chronicle of Maritime Transformation

Re-activated and converted Oceanica vessels together with the crew on big picture

In the vast expanse of the maritime industry, Tschudi Ship Management AS we, as a company, are drawn to the lighthouses of innovation and expertise and in many regards consider ourselves as one.

In the span of two years, ongoing, from August 2022 to August 2024, Oceanica Netherlands B.V. has acquired, activated and converted eight new vessels so far. Oceânica’s vessels are specialized in providing Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance (IRM)services with divers and ROVs to ensure the integrity of offshore assets. They are versatile and capable of performing non-destructive testing, supporting FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading), and executing diverless operations. 

Their services are aimed at preventing environmental impacts and maintaining the performance of subsea infrastructure throughout its service life.

Our journey alongside Oceanica Netherlands B.V. has been overseeing the conversions and reactivations, have orchestrating a symphony of precision engineering and strategic foresight. Each vessel that embarked on its renewed voyage did so under our vigilant gaze, ensuring the modifications accord to the industry’s highest standards. Our role in this maritime odyssey can not be overlooked - steering through the challenges of reactivation with adeptness, guiding the vessels towards a future where performance, safety, and environmental stewardship sail in unison. The trust placed in us by Oceanica is a reflection of our shared values and our collective pursuit of a sustainable maritime legacy.

It truly has been a privilege to ride along this thrilling leg. Come along, we’ll walk you through it – the speed and density is worth a witness.

It is how it all started.

1. NORMAND SIRA / OCEANICASUB IX – PSV / MT6009 L - DNV The journey began with the Normand Sira, which was reactivated from its laid-upstate at the end of August 2022. The vessel underwent comprehensive overhauls, including Class Renewals docking and upgrades to its machinery, electrical systems, and propulsion. Notably, a mezzanine deck and additional containers were installed for ROV launching, and an extra office compartment was built for the Survey team. The vessel’s main crane installation pedestal was prepared, with the crane itself installed later in Brazil. By the end of March 2023, the vessel was ready to depart from Norway to Brazil.

2. CF FORTUNE / OCEANICASUB VIII – PSV / MT6009 Mk.II The CF Fortune followed suit, taken over in operational status from Chevalier in August 2022. It was dry-docked for HIPAP gate valve installation and underwent general hull and propulsion cleaning to meet Brazilian environmental standards. The vessel’s modifications included a mezzanine deck, extra containers for ROV launching, a 50T main crane installation, and an upgraded power distribution system. To comply with Brazilian importation regulations, the vessel’s DWT was reduced. The CF Fortune set sail from Norway to Brazil at the beginning of March 2023.

3. CF AURORA / OCEANICASUB XI – PSV / MT6009 Mk.II The CF Aurora’s transformation mirrored that of her sister vessel, the CF Fortune. Acquired under BB charter from Chevalier on November 25, 2022, and delivered to Oceanica in January 2023, the vessel was converted from an SOV with SPS compliance to a multipurpose offshore support vessel. Class Renewals with drydocking were expedited to July 2023, and the vessel embarked on its voyage from Norway to Brazil at the start of September 2023.

4. FAR SABRE / OCEANICASUB X – AHTS / RR UT 712L Mid-March 2023 saw the reactivation of the Far Sabre from its laid-up condition. The vessel underwent Class Renewals drydocking and full overhauls of its propulsion and machinery by August 2023. Deck machinery, winches, and cranes were meticulously overhauled by Kongsberg. With the addition of a minor mezzanine deck and main crane, as well as ROV support containers on the main deck, the vessel departed from Norway to Brazil at the end of 2023.

5. FAR SOUND / OCEANICASUB XIV – AHTS / RR UT 712L The Far Sound is currently undergoing reactivation from its laid-up status in Batam, with a subsequent tow to Singapore for a Change of Name and Class renewals with drydocking. Oceanica’s modifications, designed by Marin Teknikk Norway, are being implemented, with a planned transit to Brazil in August.

6. FAR SCIMITAR / OCEANICASUB XV – AHTS / RR UT 712L Similarly, the Far Scimitar is in the process of reactivation from its laid-up status in Batam, with a tow to Singapore for a Change of Name and Class renewals with drydocking. Oceanica’s modifications, also designed by Marine Teknik Norway, are underway, with the vessel’s transit to Brazil scheduled for August.

7. SCANDI CAPTAIN / OCEANICASUB XVIII – PSV / MT6009 In February, Oceanica took ownership of the Scandi Captain, with a change of Flag/Name in Norway. The vessel then transited to Vlissingen, NL, to pick up a living module before heading to Brazil. Arriving in Rio on May 1, 2024,Oceanica began modifications to meet the client's needs. The vessel, crewed by TSM, is expected to complete these modifications by August.

8. EVAN AGAVE / OCEANICASUB XII – PSV / built in Chinayard The Evan Agave was acquired by Oceanica in February in Mexico. Crewed by TSM, the vessel transited to Brazil, arriving in Rio on April 15,2024. After importation, Oceanica commenced modifications, with a change of Flag/Name in May.

Oceanica’s ambitious projects reflect a strategic vision that not only enhances the capabilities of their fleet but also adheres to stringent environmental and safety standards. Oceanica’s journey is marked by innovation, sustainability, and a relentless pursuit of maritime excellence. The pace, frequency and speed of their processing has been pure joy and invigoration for us, with our seasoned and sharp Technical Superintendent Valmar Sink at the wheel, supervising our role in the game.

Ocanicasub IX in tow

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