Harnessing Local Networks and Collaborative Expertise: A Successful Buoy Installation Endeavor

A SEAWATCH Wind Lidar buoy mounted on a trailer at TRÄX warehouse in Estonia
A Seawatch Wind Lidar buoy being prepared ashore for installation.
Preparing the buoy for the installation. Asko Tamm in action.

In early 2023, Tschudi Ship Management AS received an exciting opportunity from FUGRO, who was in search of a suitable tug vessel for a SEAWATCH Wind Lidar buoy installation project in Estonia for Utilitas, a prominent energy company committed to sustainable and efficient energy solutions. We were approached, not without a detour, due to our strategic presence as an Estonian company, our extensive network of clients, partners, and friends in the Scandinavian and East-European region, and our proximity to the wind offshore support market.

While the quest initially originated from Utilitas in Estonia, it reached us through our Norwegian headquarters when FUGRO began searching for a partner to find a vessel for the project. With the wind offshore industry gaining momentum in Estonia, with onshore wind parks already well established, it was crucial to start involving local companies and service providers throughout the project stages. Therefore, we initiated our search close to home, with the option to expand our scope if necessary. Saarte Liinid was a natural choice and their tug vessel, PANDA, seemed to perfectly match the project requirements. Saarte Liinid is a reputable local maritime solutions provider known for its reliable and efficient services in transportation and logistics. With a focus on connecting islands and ensuring smooth maritime operations in the Baltic Sea region, Saarte Liinid has expanded its services to also include vessel chartering. The tug vessel PANDA proved to be an ideal fit for the job, meeting all the necessary criteria, and we assisted the owners in obtaining the OVID certificate.

Meanwhile, the SEAWATCH buoy had already begun its journey from the UK to Estonia, and our sister company, Tschudi Logistics (TLEE), was prepared to handle the customs formalities and local logistics arrangements. Since we operate from the same office, communication between TLEE and us flowed seamlessly, leading to smooth arrangements. TLEE also secured storage facilities where the unit could be prepared for installation. We received assistance in that from TRÄX, an Estonian company based in Orissaare, Saaremaa,which is the largest island in Estonia. TRÄX aided in the storage and also with the lifting of the unit. As FUGRO required local support for supervising the project, Tschudi Personnel Services provided Asko Tamm, a mariner, for the job, who is also featured on the photo. Through the collective efforts of all the parties involved, the buoy was successfully prepared, delivered to Roomassaare port, and installed by PANDA within a day. The process was efficient and straightforward.

Some may wonder why we dedicate an elaborate piece to a buoy installation. However, this article goes beyond the buoy itself; it emphasizes the power of local networks and collaboration and Estonia’s competence and capability to provide complex local wind offshore and renewables’ support. In Tschudi's case, it also highlights the diversity of our group, where different companies within the group can leverage their unique capabilities, catering to the different stages of a project.

It’s all here, within reach, guys!

We extend our sincere appreciation to FUGRO for granting us this opportunity and eagerly look forward to future projects with all the involved parties.

Seawatch Wind Lidar Buoy at a warehouse on a trailer before installation
Seawatch Wind Lidar Buoy at Träx warehouse.
A man in Tschudi Ship Management AS overalls and helmet within a Seawatch Wind Lidar Buoy.

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