Promotion in the Company: Setting Sail with Excellence: The Inspiring Journey of Helen Link, a Pioneering Female Mariner at Tschudi Ship Management AS

Promotional text and photo of Ms Helen Link, who was promoted to Second Mater position onboard MV Cabo Star

For centuries, the maritime industry has been a male-dominated world, there’s no denying it. It has been partly due to the heavy physical labour, traditionally associated with the work at sea that, in turn, created a kind of fixed pattern that has prevailed over the centuries.

However, new times bring fresh powerful waves to the high seas, as women steadily break barriers and redefine their role in this historically male-centric profession. Female mariners are now playing pivotal roles in the trade, demonstrating their indispensable contributions to it and making a mark on sea and shore alike ranging from navigation and engineering to maritime law and management.

Enough of generalization - we have a beautiful example to illustrate the point and are immensely proud to introduce you to Helen Link, who recently got promoted to the position of Second Mate onboard Bridgemans’ vessel MV CABO STAR, a ro-ro liner-trading at Trinidad and Tobago.

Let's set sail and celebrate the incredible journey of Helen. With hard work and dedication, she's making waves on how to navigate a successful career at sea.

Ms Helen Link, Second Mate

How it got started

Helen's journey began at the Estonian Maritime Academy, where she earned two impressive degrees in close succession – first as a navigation officer and later acquiring a Master of Science in Engineering, with top honors. A definite sign of determination and dedication.

Starting out as an AB (Able Seaman), Helen embraced her life at sea with pure passion and according to her - loved every single moment of it. Working on the Bridgemans Services-owned ro-ro Cabo Star was her first experience as a navigation officer. She pointed out, how the whole crew on Cabo Star was exceptionally supportive of her journey, assisting her in setting the ropes. That, as a side note, is a good testimony of the quality of our crews, where in addition to academic credentials, we also carefully consider the applicant’s willingness to team-play.

Now, let's hear it from her co-workers

Helen's co-workers are quick to univocally praise her diligence and exceptional work ethic. As a navigation officer, she demonstrated exceptional self-reliance and responsibility, effortlessly executing tasks without requiring extensive supervision. Her co-workers lauded her ability to grasp concepts swiftly. They describe her as a quick learner with an unwavering will to improve and evolve. They say Helen is not just proactive, but responsible and independent.

In an extraordinary display of resilience and dedication, Helen undertook her master's studies (and graduated with honours) from a distance while actively working at sea. Anyone who has worked at sea knows, how demanding it is without the added pressure of simultaneously needing to excel at studies.

Helen's co-workers speak highly of her not only as an outstanding mariner but also as a supportive team member both on the ship and within the office. Her reliability and high level of performance make her an invaluable asset to the crew and any team, for that matter. Her presence is said to bring a sense of assurance and trust, vital qualities in the demanding and ever-changing maritime environment.


Helen's journey serves as a beacon of inspiration to aspiring female mariners and young mariners in general.

Keep on making waves, Helen!

We shall surely hear more of you.


Thank you for your contribution:

Kaspar Saar, Chief Officer at Cabo Star

Martin Aljaste, Chief Officer at Cabo Star

Julia Anderson, Crew Coordinator atTschudi Ship Management AS

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