Type of vesselRo-Ro - Container
Year build, Yard1998 – ASTELIEROS DE HUELVA S.A, SPAIN
Length O A122.32 m
Length between P P112.20 m
Beam (extreme)19.80 m
Depth moulded12.90 m
Draft, summer6.21 m
Dead-weight5656 M.T
Gross tonnage GT7 606
Net tonnage NT2 282
Light ship4101 M.T
Vol. of segregated ballast2 400 m³ (ballast tanks)
No. of cargo holdsN/A (but 3 decks)
Capacity 100%266 TEU + TRAILERS or 65 TRAILERS
Capacity GrainN/A
Capacity BaleN/A
FO capacity700 m³
GO capacity100 m³
FW capacity110 m³
FO/day steaming27-31 M.T (85-100%)
Main EnginesWärtsilä 9R32 LOW NOX
Output ME2 x 3,700 kW
Auxiliary EnginesWärtsilä SACM UD 2512VS4
Auxiliary kW2 x 600 kW

16.0 – 17.0 knots