text and photos: Paul Mengelder, Tschudi Ship Management Holland B.v.


Atlantica Delta semi-submersible tender rig photo from quay.jpg


Mid 2018 Tschudi Ship Management AS (TSM) secured the lay-up management of the tender drill barge “Bassdrill Alpha”, starting with the arrival of the barge at Santa Cruz de Tenerife until the barge was sold end of 2020, after which we continued to assist new owners with tow preparations and towage approval until it left Tenerife.

Recently the semisub tender drill rig “Atlantica Delta” was saved from the torches and transferred ownership to new owners ATDL Delta Ltd. The owners will conserve the rig in warm lay-up, to be re-activated as soon as the improving market allows. Based on our earlier experience and co-operation with tender drill barge “Bassdrill Alpha”, TSM was asked for and awarded with the technical management of the “Atlantica Delta” for the intended lay-up period, including crew management.

Atlantica Delta semi-submersible tender rig photo from helideck.jpg


The rig transferred ownership on the 28th of September 2021 at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, and from that date onwards semisub tender drill rig “Atlantica Delta” and the lay-up crew are a welcome addition to our managed tonnage and personnel, and from barge to semisub a step up in our services to the offshore industry.

We like to congratulate ATDL Delta Ltd. on the successful acquisition of this sophisticated vessel and at the same time, we like to thank the owners for their continuing trust in TSM.


We will do our utmost to assist the owners wherever possible to turn this venture into mutual success. And to the “Atlantica Delta” and crew: a warm-hearted welcome aboard! 



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