Estonia as a flag state. 


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01 July 2020 marked the beginning of a new era for Estonian maritime sector for this is the date when came into force the Act which is intended

"to attract cargo ships to sail under the Estonian flag again, to increase the Estonian shore sector, and to restore Estonia’s reputation as a maritime nation." (

This is excellent news for the shipowners (local and foreign), crew members and ship managers and we are eagerly looking forward to it gaining ground.
We here below enclosed a brief overview of what this Act entails, drawn together by Veeteede Amet / Estonian Maritime Administration and published in their online magazine (
If you have any questions regarding the new Act, give us a call or send us an e-mail and we shall walk you through it to the best of our knowledge. You can also send your inquiry to the Maritime Administration's e-mail to gain insight from the source itself.

It would be our privilege to introduce the flag and the registry options to you and that way promote Estonia as a maritime country with great traditions, safe seas and trustworty manpower.

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