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commercial management

Tschudi Ship Management AS offers Commercial Management of the vessel(s) on behalf of the owner to the vessel owners, both on time charter (bareboat) or voyage charter basis and from spot- to period employment.

We can provide you:

Commercial Management of the vessels, including:

  • Chartering and daily operation of the vessel, including bidding for tenders and long/medium term contracts and fixing of the vessel on behalf of the owners;
  • Interaction with ship agents, stevedoring companies, shipchandlers, port authorities, freight brokers, charterers;
  • The appointment of ship agents, shipchandlers and other partners and the organization of ship services in ports

Operations, encompassing:

  • The safe, economic and efficient management of the vessel;
  • Arranging bunkers, appointing agents and surveyors associated with the commercial operation of the vessel/project, providing voyage instructions and weather routing

Voyage estimates & calculations, controls and accounting, providing:

  • Voyage accounting and calculation of freight, demurrage and despatch monies and collection of freight on behalf of Owners;
  • Payrolling and OPEX
  • Monthly reporting to Owners

We are currently offering commercial management of vessels operating in the oil & gas, renewables and towage segment through our Dutch office, with solid background in the offshore sector and the same for floatels servicing the offshore, offshore wind and offshore oil and gas sectors through our Estonian office.


For further info and enquiries please contact:

Chartering Department

Cell: +31 (0) 88 5485200