our sheq department is growing!


Capt Martin Kruus and Aleksander Rabi.jpg


„Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get,“ said Forrest Gump. Well, we chose well and got exactly what we needed plus something extra.

The thing is, our company evolved and we now have a brand new department: Operations. This department is managed by Marek Kotsulim, a man of many, many skills and our former Head of SHEQ Department. That joyous development – alas – left a void in the place of the department head and inspired a vivid search for a replacement.

And now? Now we are richer by not one, but two additions to our Safety and Quality department, for the search was very fruitful.

Capt. Martin Kruus shall be gradually taking over the duties of the Head of SHEQ Department. We are overjoyed having him, and for many reasons. First of all, having long been a captain on one of our vessels, he is well familiar with our company and its systems and knows the maritime world from the keel to the top of the radar. Our win, of course, is someone else’s loss: he is sorely missed by his crew – and we know it for a fact – for having been the best master, mentor and teacher for them. Those are their own words. At the new position he shall make sure that we and our vessels play it safe, and balances it by taking certain risks in his private life, belonging to a motor club and engaging in demolition derby.


Aleksander Rabi was a surprise find we could not forsake. He joined us fresh from Estonian Maritime Administration, equipped with substantial knowledge and know-how about maritime rules and legislation. He shall start implementing and fine-tuning the management system for TSM and perhaps for some other group companies as well and shall contribute to the daily tasks of the department as SHEQ Coordinator. Having served as 2nd Mate AND graduated in addition to Estonian Maritime Academy also from Estonian Business School, he has the entire toolset for the task of seeing the big picture and helping the others to see it as well. From all angles, including that from a mast top, for small craft sailing is dear to his heart.

It does seem that TSM and its vessels are now very well umbrellaed and regulated, doesn’t it?