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demeter acacia


Type of vessel Production Testing Vessel
IMO 9139074
Flag Liberia
Year built 1997
Length O.A. 106.00 m
Reference length 96.650 m
Breadth moulded 23.200 m
Moulded depth (1st deck) 9.000 m
Maximum draught (midship moulded) 7.050 m
Aft perendicular 0.000 m
Fore perendicular 96.650 m
Shell thickness 0.012 m
Keel thickness 0.415 m
GT 6651
DWT 7200
Main hydrostatic particulars referred to summer load line:  
Summer lead displacement 11755.0 tonnes
Longitudical centre of buoyancy 44.287 m
Vertical centre of buoyancy 3.898 m
Transverse metacentre 11.090 m
Block Coefficient 0.725
Tank capacities (volumes in m3)   
Chemical tank 151.6 m3
Crude oil 3325.1 m3
Fresh water 1439.2 m3
Fresh water ballast 1826.4 m3
Gas oil 878.4 m3
Lubricating oil 93.3 m3
Oily water 1414.3 m3
Solid tanks 10.4 m3
Sea water ballast 1706.2 m3