MV BLUEFORT, originally a ro-pax vessel built in 1979, was added to TSM’s fleet in January 2017

It was the new Owner’s wish to convert her into an accommodation vessel to service the offshore wind sector and it was TSM’s task to complete the conversion process that was started in Napoli in 2015 by another manager. Back in 2015 she was already relieved of the 50t crane and the “walk-to-work” crew transfer gangway. Whereas it seems strange to uninstall such an element from a ship about to start as an accommodation vessel, it had to be done as it did not function properly.

With the charter period approaching in two months’ time, TSM did not have much time to design and build a new aft boat landing platform for crew transfer, construct and install a 100t weighing flume tank to improve the vessel’s stability and modify the sponsons and the ballast tanks, but by the due date of April 17, 2017 it was all completed and the three approvals received: one from the Owners, one from the new Charterers and one from the Owner of the wind farm the vessel was about to service. And it was all done without off-hire, thanks to the speed, proficiency and dedication of TSM’s team, led by superintendent Valmar Sink.

This is the second similar conversion successfully completed by TSM. The first one(s) was with the DP’s Galyna and Gezina in 2013.