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Captain Ievgen Vedernykov – Big Heart and Big Endeavours

We at Tschudi Ship Management AS have amazing people in the company, we do. Hardworking, full of curiosity, and good-humored. And our crews literally keep us afloat. This year we shall take some time once a month to celebrate these people because you are only as good (or strong) as the people around you. Today we shall continue this sequel with Ievgen Vedernykov, who is the Master of DP GEZINA.

by Marek kotsulim


Capt. Ievgen started onboard DP Gezina on 2014 as the Second Mate. His boundless enthusiasm and positive outlook on life were illuminated from that very first day on. The working environment on board a vessel really appreciates such mindset, as the crew has to be rather self-sufficient at all times. Owing to his stellar characteristics he quickly earned the respect of the people around him and acquired the airs of a very warm colleague.

„Yes, can do, no problem,“ is the statement you can immediately recognize Ievgen by, even if you’ve never been personally introduced to him.

He started his only third season onboard as the Master of the vessel, and that brought to light further characteristics, distinguishing a great Captain – superb self-management and overall managerial skills in a crisis situation, finding prompt solutions to any unexpected issues, etc. One might argue, that what has been mentioned here should be a part of any Master’s skill set, but life and onboard practice has proved otherwise. The effectiveness of his day-to-day work were so frequently praised by the charterers that it developed into a kind of routine chorus or hymn for the Owners and the Managers.

There’s plenty of Ievgen to go around. You may first meet him as the Captain, but do not be alarmed if you find the same man a minute later scrubbing the vessel’s tanks or preparing the soup for the crew in the galley. He’s the heart and soul of the crew – he’s by your side until you’ve done needing him and then returns to make sure there’s nothing else he could do for you. He is very much hands-on – a smooth leisurely routine is not fun for him.

Once the sails are packed away, you’ll meet Ievgen taking his son to school, fetching his daughter from the kindergarten or prepping dinner for his family. He’s always around and about.

He does not need overly hefty tutorials to take on a new assignment – just point him in the general direction of a forest with nice tall trees and you’ll be sailing a freshly carved boat in no time.

Ievgen cares. He actually does care how your Saturday and Sunday went and if you – by any chance – did not need his help in anything.

By now Ievgen, as a Captain, has led by example and paved the way to many, who have worked or merely collaborated with him. What defines these people is that they are both grateful as well as very sound sleepers – knowing that Ievgen is at the wheel is all it takes. Many Mates he has supervised are now Captains.

PS. A fun fact – Ievgen shares the birthday with the famous contemporary figures Marek Kotsulim, Brian Grange and it is – incidentally – also Norwegian Constitution Day.

Thank you, Ievgen!

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